Aria Campbell-Kelly Street Style!





Aria will be throwing a pop up shop of her jewellery creations at Quartier Mode April 27th. Click on her picture to RSVP.

Name & occupation:  Aria Campbell-Kelly, 24, Designer                                               Website: Twitter: @AriaJewelry or @AriaCK_                                                   Your style:Very classic and casual…not to say I don’t love to dress up                    Favourite piece of clothing:I’m totally in lust with my new hot coral pink skinny jeans  Local designer:  Redsofa                Favourite stores in MTL: Zara, Club Monaco, Nine West                           Elsewhere: Aritzia and Victorias Secret Your passions:Chairs, packaging, jewellery, coffee, social media              Musical obsessions: Azealia Banks, MJ Cole, Kimbra                                          Favourite resto in MTL:It depends on my mood… but my latest new favourite is Tavern Gaspar                                                      Last book you read:Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. Outliers is an evaluation of why only certain people become successful at what they do.                                                         Make up: MAC or Dior                 Drink:Vodka & tonic with lime or my old favourite Johnny & 7up.                                                                     Favourite smell: A fresh white t-shirt on a man. Seriously                                                 Color:Turquoise                                       Country or city person? I’m totally a city person.  I love to visit the country, but I belong in a fast paced environment.

Au cours de la semaine Aria sera notre mannequin pour la série Shop Styles with Karine Brisson présentant des looks créés  à partir d’items choisis dans la boutique et adaptés à son style.  Si vous êtes intéressé à partager votre look pour notre série Street Styles/Shop styles contacter nous à contact

All this week Aria will be the model of our Shop styles series with Karine Brisson featuring outfits tailored to Aria’s style using items in our boutique.

If you are interested in sharing your style for our Street Styles/Shop styles series contact Enjoy!

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I am all about home, happiness & cake. I love design, supporting local and travel.
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